Compact class

A vacuum cleaner in the compact class is ideal for smaller apartments under 60 m². You tend to vacuum once a week or less.

Number of models
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2500 watts

A very powerful 2500 watts ensures an extra-thorough cleaning performance.

10 m operating radius

Convenient, flexible and fast vacuuming — the long cord enables a 10 m operating radius.

highPower Airflow

The powerful and aerodynamically optimised fan ensures an ultra-high level of airflow for thorough cleaning results.


With or without a dust bag — dualFiltration is the right solution. Use a dust container to reduce follow-up costs or a hygienic dust bag to keep contact with dust to a minimum.

Microfilter (washable)

Efficient, washable. The hygienic filter system ensures clean, filtered exhaust air every time.

2200 watts

A powerful 2200 watts for a thorough cleaning performance.