Full-size dishwashers

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Freestanding dishwashers from Siemens always look great – next to other appliances or standing alone.

Siemens undercounter dishwashers fit conveniently under the counter and are a real eye-catcher in your kitchen unit.

They stand out in any kitchen and yet are very discreet: integrated dishwashers from Siemens.

The cabinet design of your kitchen is accentuated with a fully integrated dishwasher from Siemens.

Flexible racks. Maximum leeway.

  • ICON_PG_VarioFlexPlusBasket

And when you need room for a lot of glasses, varioFlex Plus racks even allow you to load glasses in two rows in the bottom rack – very convenient and safe thanks to the glass rack.

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Whether plates, pots, cups or wine glasses, every dish quickly finds its place in Siemens dishwashers with varioFlex and varioFlex Plus racks. This is thanks, for example, to the practical tines that can be flipped up as needed to protect the dishes. And to the levels that can be folded and divided as you wish. They offer additional space for small dishes and can also be used to support tall glasses.

Easy-open, handle-free door: the openAssist system.


The new fully integrated dishwashers from Siemens are now equipped with a new door opening system. With openAssist, all you have to do is press lightly on the door front to open the dishwasher. It's so easy and entirely handle-free. Not only is it more convenient to open, but it can also be seamlessly integrated into any modern handle-free kitchen.

Simple and fast adjustments.


Blue coloured touchpoints indicate adjustment options within the baskets at first glance. This gives wine and champagne glasses much more stability. And even large items can be loaded in a flash.

The quick overview. On your floor.


With the innovative timeLight function, you can see at all times which programme is currently running in your fully integrated Siemens dishwasher. timeLight alternately projects all programme information, such as remaining time in minutes and programme status, on your kitchen floor. So you are always well informed.

Dry efficiently, shine brilliantly.

  • ICON_PG_ZeolithDrying

Thanks to the Zeolith technology that's unique worldwide, your dishes are dried especially efficiently. Zeolith is a natural mineral that is capable of absorbing moisture due to its special surface and converting it to thermal energy. The mineral then emits this energy, thus drying your dishes quickly and energy-efficiently. This minimises your energy consumption.

Even your dishes need minerals.

With new Zeolite Airflow Technology, the wind of change is blowing in your dishwasher. Thanks to small intelligent adjustments of the appliance’s interior, the air distribution is now outstandingly efficient. For the first time, every piece of dishware or cutlery is treated with evenly distributed warm air. Furthermore, the new Zeolite compartment enables an up to 15% higher humidity absorption than before, while the adjustments of the casing cause a pleasantly low noise level. Enjoy maximum convenience and ideal results like never before.