Siemens presents: iSensoric Laundry Appliances.

Imagine a washing machine or dryer with a built-in network of sensors that constantly talk to each other. So advanced, that they can collect all the information they need to control each step of the washing process for the best possible outcome. Welcome to Siemens iSensoric laundry appliances.

Washing Machines powered by iSensoric

Each Siemens washing machine operates via an iSensoric control unit, which coordinates different sensors to determine the load size, textile mix and even the degree of soiling present in each load. With this information, iSensoric will calibrate the wash settings best suited to the requirements of each unique load.

Dryers powered by iSensoric

iSensoric dryers will collect information about the level of humidity and temperature, and determine the exact degree of drying required. As soon as the load is dry, the process automatically stops, which saves time and energy. The result is optimal usage of resources, smart time management and tailored care for your different fabric types.