Kitchen design with no limits: inductionAir.

Enjoy more freedom in kitchen planning with the new inductionAir system. This space-saving concept combines two extraordinary appliances: a flexInduction cooktop and revolutionary integrated downdraft ventilation.

The design of the inductionAir system reflects an understanding of the latest kitchen concepts: cooking surfaces and ventilation merge to remove the need for an overhead rangehood, whilst still maintaining space below for storage.

Cooktop and rangehood merge into a single appliance as beautiful as it is functional.

The powerful downward ventilation of the integrated rangehood means there is no need to install an additional rangehood or chimney and the innovative flexInduction cooktop adapts to your cookware with customizable cooking zones. The latest in kitchen technology and design from Siemens

climateControl Sensor.

Once activated, the climateControl Sensor takes care of all ventilation level adjustment for you, controlling normal as well as intensive levels. The sensor constantly detects the level of odours in the air and automatically adjust the motor level.

Shift the heat by shifting the pan: powerMove Plus.

powerMove Plus lets you separate your cooktop into three different heating zones with different temperatures. Just lift your cookware to the right spot to activate the zone. Fry at the front of your cooktop and warm at the back.

No more restrictive cooking zones: flexInduction.

Siemens flexInduction cooktops can behave as traditional induction cooktops with four of five separate zones. But choose to link the zone together to form one or more rectangular surfaces, and the real magic begins.

No more scorching: fryingSensor Plus.

For a controlled frying temperature, simply choose from a range of automatic programs according to the type of food being cooked, and the frySensor Plus will apply the ideal setting. A signal tone will let you know when the ideal frying temperature has been reached.