Energy Efficiency

Siemens appliances save energy through innovation.


Care for your dishes. Care for the environment.

Extremely thorough. Extremely economical.

Siemens dishwashers not only stand out in washing up, but in resource efficiency, too. With innovative technology built in to every speedMatic dishwasher, they are designed to help you maximise efficiency without compromising on performance. From as little as 12.8 litres of water, the extra-low water consumption not only lets you save water, but also energy, too.

Dishwashers versus hand washing

Contrary to popular belief, using a dishwasher is considerably more resource efficient than washing dishes by hand. In fact, efficient dishwashers consume significantly less water, detergent and energy. Our new range of Siemens speedMatic dishwashers use as little as 12.8 litres of water to wash 15 place settings compared to an average of over 60 litres for dishwashing 14 place settings by hand*.

HydroDry – the energy-saving feature

The Siemens hydroDry is a perfect example of the intelligent design that is incorporated into the speedMatic energy management system. hydroDry uses the heat generated in the main wash cycle to pre-heat water used later in the rinse cycles. This not only provides energy-saving benefits but also provides the ultimate care for delicate champagne and wine stems by eliminating temperature shock caused by rapid changes in temperature. By using thermal principles to actively extract the moisture from the air inside the dishwasher, hydroDry eliminates the need to take in air from outside the machine and leaves your dishes hygienically dry.

*Colmar Brunton, 2009


Up to 64% more efficient than our previous condenser dryers.

Our new iQ700 activeAir dryer is as much as 16% more energy efficient than the qualifying limit for a 6 star energy rated dryer. It is also up to 64% more efficient than conventional condenser dryers. That’s kind on the environment and great for your pocket