More flexibility with a Siemens induction cooktop: questions and answers

Ready to go quickly and especially flexible: a Siemens induction cooktop makes cooking a pleasure. It's easy and convenient to prepare your favourite dishes, for the cooktops with induction apply the heat precisely where it is needed. Your benefit: you can cook more safely and cleanly and also save energy. And the especially adaptable cooking zones allow you to remain flexible when cooking.

What's special about cooking with induction?

How does an induction cooktop work?

Which cookware can be used on an induction cooktop?

Is an induction cooktop actually quick and does it save energy?

What must you consider when cooking with induction?

Is the induction cooktop easy to clean?

Why can I hear various noises when cooking on the induction cooktop?

During use of the induction cooktop, are magnetic fields created and are these harmful to health?

Are there any concerns when using an induction cooktop during pregnancy?

Are there any concerns when using an induction cooktop in the presence of children?