iQ500 stainless steel finishmodular built-in 60 cm dishwasher

45cm speedMatic Modular dishwasher - install at any height.

  • Efficient dishwashing with 3.5 Star WELS and 3 Star Energy.
  • hygienePlus: Extra hot final rinse kills 99.9% of bacteria.
  • 45cm high modular dishwasher can be installed at any height for ultimate design flexibility.
  • 43 dB – super quiet dishwashing with a brilliant shine.
  • varioSpeed: Up to 50% faster wash programs without sacrificing wash and drying results
$1,189.00Recommended retail price


    Turn on the intensiveZone for more spray pressure in the lower basket, to loosen stubborn dirt.


    Hygiene option

    The Hygiene option for hygienic antibacterial dishwashing.


Basic informationSK76M530AU

  • Water consumption (l)
    7.2 l
  • Noise level (dB)
    43 dB
  • Colour
    Stainless steel

More technical information


  • 6 international place settings

Consumption rates

  • 3 Star energy rating, 3.5 Star WELS water rating
  • 7.2 litres water consumption per wash and 135kWh energy consumption, based on Normal 45°C program


  • modular built-in dishwasher - 60 cm wide
  • stainless steel finish
  • polinox inner tub
  • servo lock for effortless door closing
  • LED display and button controls on front door

Wash Programs & Options

  • 6 programs:
    Pots and Pans 70°C
    Intensive 65°C
    Auto 45-65°C
    Normal 45°C
    Quick wash 45°C
  • 4 special options:
    extraDry: Provides an even better drying result
    varioSpeed: Up to 50% faster wash time
    intensiveZone: Powerful cleaning in the bottom basket
    sanitation - effectively removes bacteria


  • advanced 3 stage self-cleaning filter system
  • dosageAssist detergent system
  • iQdrive: The quietest, fastest, & most durable brushless motor ever built by Siemens
  • hydroSensor: Automatic water turbidity detection
    loadSensor: Automatic water level optimisation
  • automatic detergent aware system
  • hydroDry hygienic drying
  • 2 spray levels


  • 4 foldable plate racks in lower basket
  • Small cutlery basket


  • whisperQuiet: Operates at a low noise level of 43dB
  • Time remaining display
  • Time delay start (1-24 hours)
  • Electronic rinse aid/refill indicator


  • hydroSafe anti-flood protection
  • Childproof control lock
  • 5 year warranty


  • 454 mm x 595 mm x 500 mm

Technical information


  • Width of the product (mm)
    595 mm
  • Height (mm)
    454 mm
  • Installation type
  • Number of place settings
  • Water consumption (l)
    7.2 l
  • Total annual energy consumption
    81.9 kWh
  • Home Connect
  • List of programmes
    Auto, Intensive, Normal, pots and pans, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash
  • Additional operational options
    Extra dry, Intensive Zone, Sanitation, VarioSpeed
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Interior light
  • Removable top
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    170 cm
  • Length outlet hose (cm)
    226 cm

Construction type

  • Control panel shape
  • Color / Material body
    Stainless steel
  • Color / Material panel
    Stainless steel
  • Construction type
  • Door panel options
    Not possible
  • Drying system
    Heat exchanger
  • Height (mm)
    454 mm
  • Hidden heating element
  • Installation type
  • Removable top
  • Tub material
  • Water softener (kWh)
  • Width of the product (mm)
    595 mm

Size and weight

  • Height of removable worktop (mm)
    454 mm
  • Number of Options
  • Adjustable plinth
  • Net weight (kg)
    22.0 kg


  • List of programmes
    Auto, Intensive, Normal, pots and pans, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash
  • Name, programme 1
    pots and pans
  • Name, programme 2
  • Name, programme 3
  • Name, programme 4
  • Name, programme 5
    Quick Wash
  • Name, programme 6
    Pre Rinse
  • Programme duration, programme1 (min.)
  • Programme duration, programme2 (min.)
  • Programme duration, programme3 (min.)
  • Programme duration, programme4 (min.)
  • Programme duration, programme5 (min.)
  • Programme duration, programme6 (min.)
  • Reference programme
  • Number of different wash temperatures
  • Temperature, programme 1 (°C)
  • Temperature, programme 2 (°C)
  • Temperature, programme 3 (°C)
  • Temperature, programme 4 (°C)
  • Temperature, programme 5 (°C)
  • Temperature, programme 6 (°C)


  • Glass protection techn.
  • Surge-back protect. installed
  • Water protection system
    Total system

Consumption values

  • Glass protection techn.
  • Total annual energy consumption
    81.9 kWh
  • Energy consumption (kWh)
    0.37 kWh
  • Energy consumption, programme1 (kWh)
  • Energy consumption, programme2 (kWh)
  • Energy consumption, programme3 (kWh)
  • Energy consumption, programme4 (kWh)
  • Energy consumption, programme5 (kWh)
  • Energy consumption, programme6 (kWh)
  • Water consumption, programme 1 (l)
  • Water consumption, programme 2 (l)
  • Water consumption, programme 3 (l)
  • Water consumption, programme 4 (l)
  • Water consumption, programme 5 (l)
  • Water consumption, programme 6 (l)
  • Water consumption (l)
    7.2 l
  • Maximum temperature for water intake (°C)
    60 °C


  • Connection Rating (W)
    2,400 W
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    170 cm
  • Current (A)
    10 A
  • Length inlet hose (cm)
    165 cm
  • Length outlet hose (cm)
    226 cm
  • Plug type
    AU plug



Lifetime warranty against water damage: hydroSafe anti-flood protection.

The hydroSafe anti-flood protection system prevents water damage of any kind, whether in the supply hose or from a leak in the machine. Siemens warranties this safety for the life of the dishwasher, provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains.

Optimum results at the push of a button.

In Automatic programs, a hydroSensor monitors the soiling of the water and controls the amount and time of the water supply, as well as the cleaning temperature, to achieve the optimum result with as little energy and water as possible.

Gentle, safe, clean: the glassCare System.

The glassCare System – consisting of glass protection technology, a special gentle programme, and a heat exchanger – will wash your glassware with the greatest of care.

Germ-free dishwashing: the Hygiene option.

You can activate the Hygiene option as a special function in many programmes. The high temperature during the final rinse results in greater hygiene performance. The Hygiene option is thus ideal when you want to wash containers and utensils to high hygienic standards, such as baby bottles or chopping boards.

Intensive wash for items in the bottom basket: intensiveZone.

Selecting the intesiveZone wash option increases the water spray pressure in the bottom basket, creating a power cleaning zone that is ideal for very dirty dishes and heavily soiled pots and pans.

Quiet. Powerful. Efficient: iQdrive.

Consisting of two high-performance brushless motors and the wash and drain pumps, the iQdrive is the quietest, fastest and most durable system ever built by Siemens. The frictionless drive also offers energy saving benefits, by remaining cool and eliminating energy loss and faults typically caused by frictional heat. The wash and drain pumps also eliminate unpleasant pump noises by cutting out as soon as the water is drained, avoiding any air intake and the loud ‘gurgle’ sound that comes with it.

Washes up where it suits you best: the new speedMatic modular dishwashers.

The modular dishwashers, available as a 45 cm or 60 cm variant, offer you flexible placement - whether under the worktop, in small kitchen spaces, under a roof slope or ergonomically advantageous or childproof in the upper cupboard. Inconceivable uo to now: the modular dishwashers can be perfectly integrated into kitchens without pedestal.

When you need clean dishes in a hurry: varioSpeed.

Ever needed your dishes cleaned quickly, forgotten to put the dishwasher on in the morning, or simply needed clean plates before your guests arrive? varioSpeed is the perfect time saver, giving you the flexibility to speed up your wash so you can spend time on more important things.

Ideal when you need your cutlery and plates in a hurry, just press the varioSpeed button in conjunction with your desired program to save up to 50% of wash time without any compromise on results.

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