iQ300 60 cm Induction cooktop

Induction cooktop with innovative features that enable highly flexible cooking in any situation.

  • dual lightSlider: lets you easily and intuitively operate the cooktop.
  • cookingSensor Plus is an intelligent system that prevents overboiling thanks to precise temperature control.
  • fryingSensor: maintains the desired pan temperature automatically after heating up to avoid scorching.
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    Innovative induction technology makes cooking faster, cleaner and safer.

Basic information EH675LFE1E

  • Type of control
  • Appliance width (mm)
    602 mm
  • Number of cooking zones
  • Energy input

More technical information

Cooktop Type and Special Features

  • 4 induction cooking zones
  • Ring zone roaster
  • powerBoost function for all cooking zones
  • panBoost
  • fryingSensor Plus with 5 temperature settings
  • cookingSensor Plus


  • Black ceramic glass with stainless steel side profiles and beveled front
  • New design (of printing)
  • Can be combined with Domino cooktops

Comfort & Convenience

  • Dual LightSlider
  • LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones
  • LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones, LED display and timer with auto switch off, Count up timer per cooktop
  • ReStart - Quickly reinstates previous settings
  • QuickStart - Quick and automatic first pot detection

Size & Power

  • 17 power levels for each cooking zone
  • Cooking zones:
    1 x Ø 180 mm, 1.8 KW (max. Power level 3.1 KW) Induction;
    1 x Ø 280 mm, 2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction;
    1 x Ø 145 mm, 1.4 KW (max. Power level 2.2 KW) Induction;
    1 x Ø 210 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction
  • 7.4 kW total connected load

Safety and Environment

  • Automatic pan recognition
  • Automatic pan recognition
    powerManagement Function
    Automatic safety switch-off
    childproof lock
    wipeProtection function
  • 2-stage (h/H) digital residual heat indicator
  • Energy efficiency display

Dimensions (WxD)

  • Installation measurements: 560 mm x 490 mm
  • Length wire connection: 110 cm
  • Min. worktop thickness: 30 mm

Technical information


  • Energy input
  • Controls
    dual lightSlider, front, illuminated
  • Safety device
    childproof lock, Key Lock, pan recognition, Power management function, Safety time-switch-off
  • Highlights
    17 power levels, 5 frying levels, fryingSensor Plus, Keep warm function, powerBoost
  • Power consumption off
    0.2 W
  • Power consumption standby/display off
    0.2 W

Construction type

  • Color of frame
    Alu, brushed
  • Color of surface
    Alu, brushed, Black
  • Construction type
  • Number of electric plates
  • Number of cooking zones
  • Type of frame
    Front facette, side profiles
  • Number of gas burners
  • Number of halogen plates
  • Installation type
  • Total number of positions that can be used at the same time
  • Number of radiant plates
  • Number of electric warming zones

Size and weight

  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    51 x 602 x 520 mm
  • Net weight (kg)
    12.0 kg

Cooking zone 1

  • Dimension of heating element (mm)
    180 mm
  • Location of 1st heating element
    front left
  • Power of heating element (kW)
    1.8 kW
  • Type of heating element
    Induction heating

Cooking zone 2

  • Location of 2nd heating element
    back left

Cooking zone 3

  • Dimension of 3rd heating element (mm)
    180 ; 280 mm
  • Location of 3rd heating element
    back left
  • Power of 3rd heating element (kW)
    1.8 ; 2 kW

Cooking zone 4

  • Location of 4th heating element
    middle back

Cooking zone 5

  • Dimension of 5th heating element (mm)
    145 mm
  • Location of 5th heating element
    back right
  • Power of 5th heating element (kW)
    1.4 kW

Cooking zone 6

  • Location of 6th heating element
    center right

Cooking zone 7

  • Dimension of 7th heating element (mm)
    210 mm
  • Location of 7th heating element
    front right
  • Power of 7th heating element (kW)
    2.2 kW
  • Type of 7th heating element
    Induction heating

Cooking zone 8

  • Location of 8th heating element
    front middle / central

Cooking zone 9

  • Location of 9th heating element
    front centre/cent


  • Power on indicator
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Safety device
    childproof lock, Key Lock, pan recognition, Power management function, Safety time-switch-off
  • Main on/off switch


  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    110 cm
  • Electrical connection rating (W)
    7,400 W
  • Energy input
  • Frequency (Hz)
    60; 50 Hz


  • Included accessories
    1 x wireless temperature sensor for cooktop


Fast, safe, and easy to clean: powerInduction from Siemens.

Instantly hot. Instantly cold. Experience the benefits of Siemens powerInduction. Heat is conducted directly to the pans and their contents via induction coils, without heating the cooktop. What this means for you: heat-up times are short, safety is increased and the cooktop is much easier to clean.

Timer with cooking zone shut-off function

The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires.


Greater cooking convenience thanks to the timer function.

The turbocharger for powerInduction: powerBoost function.

The powerBoost function increases power by up to 50 %. This can save up to 35 % of the time it takes to heat up pots or cook large quantities.

4 A02 60 cm Induction cooktop

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