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The world's first automatic dispensing system with soiling detection. With the helf of i-Dos determines the precise amount of detergent via intelligentsensors completely automatically.

waterPerfect Plus.


The intelligent water management system recognises the type of fabric of your laundry as well as the individual load size and determines via sensors the necessary amount of water – for maximum water efficiency.


sensoFresh: Remove odours from sensitive and non-washable fabrics at home


If you enjoy living life to the full, your clothes will accumulate odours no matter what you do. For sensitive and non-washable fabrics that are high on your rotation, that can be a problem. With sensoFresh powered by active oxygen you can now remove odours from your clothes at home without the necessity of washing - perfect for non-washable clothes like suits and delicate items. You can now have your favourite items at your disposal at any time within 30-45 minutes.

Washes, spins and rinses in just 15 minutes: super15.

  • ICON_PW_WashingMachines_Super15

The super15 programme washes, spins and rinses your laundry in just 15 minutes. Thus it is ideal for anyone who would like to have lightly soiled clothing (such as after exercising) clean again quickly.

For perfectly cared-for clothing: The outdoor/impregnation programme.

  • ICON_PW_WasherDryers_OutdoorImpregnation

The outdoor/impregnation programme cleans high-quality functional clothing gently, quickly and professionally. Outdoor and sports clothing receives exactly the care that it needs, right up to automatic impregnation.

Never again spend hours ironing shirts: The shirts/business programme.

  • ICON_PW_WasherDryers_ShirtsBlouses

This programme is perfect for office wear that is changed often but rarely gets very dirty. The washing time is short and the spinning speed is only 400 rpm. Permanent-press shirts smooth out from their own weight when hung up wet, so they hardly need ironing.

EasyCare Plus.

The EasyCare Plus programme is ideal for washing dark wool fabrics or dark, easy-care fabrics. Always turn laundry inside-out before washing with this programme.


Quick and efficient: varioPerfect.


With this function you can individually determine what is most important to you with every washing cycle – saving time or energy. With the speedPerfect option you save a lot of time doing laundry, and with ecoPerfect you save a lot of energy.

Extra gentle, extra clean: Water Plus.


The Water Plus option increases the water level during the wash cycle. An additional rinse cycle further ensures that no detergent residue is left in the laundry. Your laundry is not only treated especially gently, but it is also hygienically cleaned – ideal for persons with allergies.

Stains don’t stand a chance: The stain removal programme.

  • ICON_PW_WasherDryers_AutoStainRemovalSystem

With the innovative system, 16 of the most stubborn stains are automatically removed, completely and without additional special detergent. State-of-the-art Siemens technology controls the intelligent programme cycles and drum movements in the various stain removal programmes.