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Four soft rollers

Four soft rollers for optimal manoeuvrability and soft, gentle cleaning, particularly on hard floors.

10 m operating radius

Convenient, flexible and fast vacuuming — the long cord enables a 10 m operating radius.

3.5 l dust bag volume

The volume of 3.5 l allows many cleaning cycles before the dustbag needs to be changed.


With or without a dust bag — dualFiltration is the right solution. Use a dust container to reduce follow-up costs or a hygienic dust bag to keep contact with dust to a minimum.

Microfilter (washable)

Efficient, washable. The hygienic filter system ensures clean, filtered exhaust air every time.

3 l dust bag volume

With a volume of 3 l, the dust bag needs to be changed less frequently.

Ultra HEPA hygiene filter system (washable)

No follow-up costs thanks to the washable lifetime Ultra HEPA hygienic filter. The exhaust air is cleaner than the ambient air, so it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

XXL dust bag volume

Extra-long and extra-convenient vacuuming — with the extra-large XXL dust bag, it's easy. Follow-up costs are substantially reduced as fewer bag changes are required.