Classe compatta

Forza impressionante. Praticità d'uso estrema.

Un aspirapolvere compatto è ideale per appartamenti più piccoli, di superficie inferiore a 60 m². Quando si usa l'aspirapolvere al massimo una volta alla settimana.

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10 m operating radius

Convenient, flexible and fast vacuuming — the long cord enables a 10 m operating radius.

3.5 l dust bag volume

The volume of 3.5 l allows many cleaning cycles before the dustbag needs to be changed.


With or without a dust bag — dualFiltration is the right solution. Use a dust container to reduce follow-up costs or a hygienic dust bag to keep contact with dust to a minimum.

Microfilter (washable)

Efficient, washable. The hygienic filter system ensures clean, filtered exhaust air every time.

3 l dust bag volume

With a volume of 3 l, the dust bag needs to be changed less frequently.