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Qui troverete l'aspirapolvere giusto se abitate in un appartamento di oltre 100 m² oppure su più livelli e usate spesso questo elettrodomestico.

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powerSensor Technology ensures thorough cleaning performance with no loss of power — even as the dust bag fills up. This ensures faster cleaning results without premature bag changes.

Four soft rollers

Four soft rollers for optimal manoeuvrability and soft, gentle cleaning, particularly on hard floors.

13 m operating radius

Very long cord for a extra-large operating radius of 13 m. Vacuuming is much more flexible and convenient — and the number of socket changes is reduced to a minimum.

XXL dust bag volume

Extra-long and extra-convenient vacuuming — with the extra-large XXL dust bag, it's easy. Follow-up costs are substantially reduced as fewer bag changes are required.

3.5 l dust bag volume

The volume of 3.5 l allows many cleaning cycles before the dustbag needs to be changed.

duoSoft hard-floor nozzle

Thorough and gentle vacuuming thanks to the duoSoft hard-floor nozzle with two rotating brush rollers. It doesn't simply push dirt along. Also suitable for carpets.