Macchina da caffè Espresso

Il meglio del caffè. Chicco dopo chicco.

L'espresso e le bevande al caffè con latte si gustano al meglio se vengono preparate nel modo giusto. Le macchine automatiche da caffè Siemens sfruttano il meglio di ogni singolo chicco.

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16 modelli

silentCeram Drive

Extremely quiet, extremely fine grinding, extremely durable — the premium grinder made from high-quality, non-wearing ceramic gets even more aroma from every bean.

sensoFlow System

The unique sensoFlow System from Siemens guarantees maximum espresso indulgence every time, thanks to its ideal, constant brewing temperature.

oneTouch Function

No matter what coffee speciality you're making, this function allows you to prepare your favourite milk drinks, such as cappuccinos, at the touch of a button.

aromaDouble Shot

Two grinding and brewing processes for extra-strong coffee, with less bitterness and no unpleasant aftertaste.

individualCoffee System

Up to six users can store their preferred coffee settings for any coffee or milk drink.


Hygiene in an instant: For convenient milk system cleaning — at the touch of a button.


The calc'nClean service programme cleans and descales in one go.


The extremely high-quality grinder made from non-wearing ceramic grinds the coffee particularly finely, getting even more aroma from every bean.


Thanks to automatic frothing in the cup, firm and thick milk froth is now guaranteed, even if you have never frothed milk before.

singlePortion® Cleaning

Fresh coffee guaranteed every time thanks to the hygienic cleaning of all pipes after each brewing process.

autoWhirl Plus

Creating outstanding milk froth is easy using the oneTouch Function, as the autoWhirl Plus milk frother is integrated into the coffee outlet itself.