Macchine per caffè filtro

Ottime. Macchine per caffè filtro Siemens.

Fragrante caffè appena preparato: con le splendide macchine da caffè Siemens il vostro caffè filtro sarà sempre così come lo desiderate. Tutto ciò grazie ai processi di preparazione ben studiati e alle innovative funzionalità per una preparazione ottimale di un caffè filtro fresco.

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The drip stop function protects the heating plate from drips and stains — because less cleaning means greater convenience for you.

sensorControlled Heating-System

The heating system ensures that coffee is always prepared optimally — guaranteeing perfect taste every time. The water is heated to 92–96°C

during the brewing process, and the coffee is kept warm at 80–85°C.

Swing-out filter holder

Making coffee is quick and easy with the swing-out filter holder: Simply swing the filter holder out, fill the paper filter with ground coffee, swing it back in, and you're done.

aromaSense Plus

Aromas can only reach their optimal level after a contact time of five minutes. A sensor detects the volume of water and adjusts the amount of contact time between the water and the ground coffee.


You can rely on autoOff to step in and switch off your appliance automatically if you ever forget.