Customer Service for your Siemens small home appliances

Small appliances from Siemens help make housework and kitchen chores easier. Siemens kitchen appliances help you prepare a wide variety of dishes, Siemens vacuum cleaners are essential for housecleaning, and Siemens irons make ironing considerably more convenient.

Questions about one of your Siemens small appliances? Do you need information, replacement parts, accessories, or repairs?

Siemens Customer Service provides friendly, expert assistance in all matters relating to your Siemens small appliances – whether electric kettles, food processors, vacuum cleaners or irons. Siemens Customer Service is available to assist you online or by phone. If necessary, they will also handle any repairs.

Customer service

Phone: 0911 / 70 440 044

The Siemens repair service is available to you 24 hours/7 days a week.

Customer Service


Kui teil on küsimusi meie toodete kohta, palun kirjutage meile või helistage numbril 6007877


Spare parts and accessories

Siemens would be happy to advise you on the phone: 089 21 751 751