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Siemens extended warranty agreement terms

The following terms, which describe the conditions and extent of our extended warranty, do not affect the seller's legally mandated warranty obligations arising from the contract of sale to the final purchaser.

1. Applicability

1.1 The warranty extension is normally valid only after registration on the Siemens website during the period of the two-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you purchased your warranty extension on the Internet at www.siemens-home.de, in the Call Centre, from the service technician, or in one of the service shops of our Siemens factory customer service, additional registration is not required.

1.2 The warranty extension is valid only for the appliance named in the certificate and cannot be transferred to other appliances.

1.3 The warranty extension is valid only for Siemens household appliances purchased and used in Germany, in the following product groups: washing machines, dryers, washer dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, refrigerator freezers, cookers, ovens, steamers, hobs, cooktops, cooker hoods, microwaves and warming drawers. The warranty extension is not available for other household appliances.

1.4 Warranty extension services can be used only on presentation of the valid warranty certificate and original purchase receipt (with date of purchase and/or delivery).

2. Scope of service

2.1 During the term of the warranty extension, Siemens will correct material and/or manufacturing defects in the appliance named in the warranty certificate free of charge through its factory service department or a service partner selected by Siemens if reported to Siemens promptly after being discovered and within the term of the warranty extension.

2.2 Warranty service is provided through corrective action, i.e., repair or parts replacement, at Siemens’ election. If repairing the appliance would be uneconomical or impossible, Siemens will replace the appliance with a substitute appliance of equal value in lieu of repair. Replaced parts and appliances become the property of Siemens.

2.3 If there is not a valid warranty claim, the customer will be billed for repair costs and other services provided (e.g., costs for travel and inspection) at the applicable rates. If the customer shows that the specific circumstances did not allow him to know there was not a valid warranty claim, Siemens will waive the expenses.

2.4 The manufacturer’s warranty and warranty extension have no effect on warranty rights under the purchase agreement vis-à-vis the seller.

3. Term and transferability

3.1 With the Siemens warranty extension, Siemens will provide the services named in part 2 for a period of three years immediately following the two-year manufacturer’s warranty provided by Siemens.

3.2 Warranty services that are provided do not create any extension of the warranty period, nor do they cause a new one to start.

3.3 If the appliance is replaced as part of warranty service, the original certificate becomes invalid. A new certificate will be issued for the new appliance covering the remaining period of the warranty extension.

3.4 The appliance-specific certificate may be transferred to the new owner if the appliance is sold or otherwise provided to another party. In this case the previous warranty holder must request that the appliance-specific certificate be transferred by the Siemens service team:

  • by telephone at +49 89 20 355 188 or
  • by E-mail cew@siemens-home.com

4. Exclusions and loss of warranty service

The scope of service for the Siemens warranty extension does not cover easily breakable parts (e.g., glass, plastic, or light bulbs) or minor deviations that do not affect use of the item. Also excluded from the warranty extension is transport damage and damage due to natural wear and tear, improper handling, lack of maintenance, failure to observe operating and installation instructions, use exceeding ordinary household levels or damage caused by modifications or repairs performed by the warranty holder or third parties.

5. Liability

No further or other claims are established by this contract, specifically including but not limited to compensation for damage caused outside the appliance.

6. Data privacy

Without explicit consent from the customer, Siemens will use personal information exclusively for the purpose of processing the order and for possible warranty service, observing the general legal data privacy conditions.

7. Processing of warranty claims

7.1 Please contact the Siemens factory customer service department to make a warranty claim:

  • on the Internet at http://www.siemens-home.de/kundendienst/techniker-online-buchen or
  • by telephone at +49 89 21 751 751.

To facilitate order processing, we need the information on the nameplate of your appliance, which can be found in your warranty certificate. Additional information on the nameplate and its location on the appliance is available on the Internet at http://www.siemens-home.de/kundendienst/typenschild-finder.

7.2 For repair, please have the warranty certificate and the original appliance purchase receipt available for the technician.

7.3 For pickup by Siemens or logistics companies authorized by Siemens, please include a copy of the certificate and appliance purchase receipt with the shipping papers.

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