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Technology for success. Cooking for enjoyment.

Cooking isn't just about technique. It's also about having the perfect technology. And that starts with the choice of the right hob. With its modern induction cooktops, Siemens presents a fascinating technology that is superior to conventional cooktops in many areas.

One cooking zone, a thousand possibilities

Pots and pans are as different as the dishes you cook with them. With flexInduction you can flexibly adjust your cooktop to fit. Depending on the model, it has two conventional cooking zones and two square induction surfaces that can be put together to create a single large one. In this area you can place cookware anywhere you like.

Siemens flexInduction: Flexible cooking zones for flexible cooking.

The flexSurface offers plenty of space for maximum cooking enjoyment, because you can put all kinds of pots and pans on its 24 x 40 cm area. The flexible induction surface automatically detects the number, size and shape of the cookware on it.

Hot or cold – in the blink of an eye. Instant cooking pleasure.

Induction hobs are faster. Induction systems by Siemens can be adjusted as precisely as gas – and work no less quickly. The hob heats up in almost no time, resulting in exceptionally short cooking times and cools down again just as quickly when switched off.

Flexible cooking without predefined cooking zones thanks to the 3 innovative flexInduction cooking zones.

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Flexible cooking without predefined cooking zones thanks to the 2 innovative flexInduction cooking zones.

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Flexible cooking thanks to the innovative flexInduction cooking zone and 2 conventional cooking zones.

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