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Discover a perfect built-in design

Elegant, fast and easy to operate: Appliances in the iQ700 built-in series can be installed in any combination. Whether alone or combined, their stylish design never fails to impress. With the new varioSpeed function, your food is cooked to perfection within half the usual time, while the large TFT display with full-screen graphic animation guarantees clarity and ease of operation, leaving you more time for the things that matter most to you.

Discover the fast kitchen.

Twice as fast together: The integrated microwave supplements the oven's conventional cooking modes and reduces your food's cooking time whenever necessary – with the same consistently perfect results you've come to expect. Your food will be cooked in up to 50 %* less time than usual, allowing you to spend that extra time however you wish.

* Compare: Oven without microwave function (e.g. HB676GBS1) and oven with integrated microwave (e.g. HM676G0S1); Recipe: Salmon Lasagne

Siemens varioSpeed

The best ingredients. For the best kitchen appliances. Perfectly matched design.

Seamless design tailored to any kitchen. All appliances in the iQ700 built-in series are made to match. Thanks to their uniformly designed fronts, it makes no difference whether they're installed side by side or one on top of another: The result is always eye-catching.

The iQ700 built-in appliance series

Here you’ll find an overview of the wide range of iQ700 appliances and innovative features. Developed exclusively for Siemens’ new appliance series as Black Edition and White Edition.

iQ700 Ovens and Steam Ovens

The iQ700 appliance series includes two oven varients: one with an integrated microwave, shot-of-steam function and other innovative baking functions, and the iQ700 Steam Oven with functions that assist you in both healthy cooking and traditional baking.

Integrated microwave

The integrated microwave has a lot to offer: more room in your kitchen and more freedom in cooking. You don't need a separate appliance because this oven has all the functions of a standard microwave – and is every bit as reliable and time-efficient.

Siemens microwave