Slim-line Built-under dishwashers 45 cm

Siemens design in your kitchen unit.

With their modern design, the slimline undercounter dishwashers from Siemens stand out in your kitchen unit.

Number of models
2 appliances


varioDrawer - the extra level for silverware, utensils and small dishes.

varioSpeed Plus

Up to 66% faster dishwashing and drying to a gleaming shine with varioSpeed Plus.

duoPower®-double spray arm

The duoPower®-double spray arm for for a higher dishwashing performance with shiny clean dishes thanks to optimum water distribution.


varioSpeed – up to 50% faster dishwashing in almost all cycles.

hygienePlus option

The hygienePlus option for antibacterial dishwashing at extra high temperatures for maximum hygiene.

varioFlex Plus basket

More flexibility for holding larger bowls and bulky items thanks to the new varioFlex Plus lower basket with flexible foldable racks.