The new flexInduction Hobs.

Siemens flexInduction Hobs are a must for diverse cooking. The cooking area can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to cook multiple dishes at once. With the flexInduction hobs, you are ready for any situation and can let your creativity reign free.

Siemens Pictogram flexInduction Plus

Experience everything at once. With flexInduction Plus.

Full flexibility is essential when it comes to creating more options for any situation – especially in the kitchen. The innovative features of the Induction Hobs by Siemens form the foundation for achieving this and turn each preparation time in the kitchen into a true cooking experience.

One less thing to worry about. With flexInduction Plus, your hob knows how large your cookware is. If the limits of one cooking zone are exceeded, additional cooking zones are automatically added and the cookware is always evenly heated.

powerMove Plus lets you separate your hobs into three different heating zones. From roasting at highest temperatures at the front to keeping meals warm at the back – the individual zones are activated by simply placing the cookware on them.

Less hob operation, more cooking. flexMotion remembers the heat settings for individual pieces of cookware, so you can move them freely across the hob – the temperature on the new cooking zone automatically adapts.

Fits into your kitchen. Adapts to your life.

Regardless of how you want to prepare your meals: They will always look good. And with the intuitive dual lightSlider and the convenient TFT touchDisplay, you always have your hob under control – completely effortlessly.

One less thing to worry about: cookingSensor Plus.

No more overboiling. Just attach the sensor to the pot and it will interact with the hob, giving a signal when a certain temparature has been reached and keeping it exactly at that level.

The iQ700 Series: Where your options unfold.

Your hob is ready for anything. Whether technical or aesthetic: The flexible iQ700 hobs set completely new standards from any angle – and perfectly fit into your daily life.

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