iQ500 Extra wide gas hob with wok burner EC715RB90E stainless steel

  • The dual wok burner with dual flame system and 5.0 kW of power is ideal for a wide variety of foods, even in large quantities.
  • A Siemens hob with a uniquely beautiful stainless-steel surface design.
  • High-quality materials and workmanship have gone into making Siemens continuous cast-iron pan supports.

Basic information EC715RB90E

  • Type of control
  • Width (mm)
    702 mm
  • Number of cooking zones
  • Energy input

More technical information


  • 702 mm
  • Front control dials mounted on stainless steel base
  • Steel look controls

Key features

  • 5.0kW dual control wok burner


  • Ignition via control dials
  • Variable power levels
  • Flame failure safety device
  • 3 cast iron pan supports
  • 2 piece burners

Performance/technical information

  • 5 burner gas hob including
  • 1 Dual control wok burner
  • 1 high speed burner, 2 standard burners and 1 economy burner
  • Preset of natural gas (20mbar)
  • LPG jets (28-30/37mbar) included

Technical Information

  • Energy input
  • Type of control setting devices
    cylindrical knobs
  • Highlights
    Wok burner

  • Color of frame
    Stainless steel
  • Color of surface
    Stainless steel
  • Construction type
  • Number of electric plates
  • Number of cooking zones
  • Number of gas burners
  • Number of halogen plates
  • Installation typology
  • Type of pan support
    Elongated cast iron pan support
  • Total number of positions that can be used at the same time
  • Number of radiant plates
  • Number of electric warming zones

  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    45 x 702 x 520 mm
  • Net weight (kg)
    15.0 kg

  • Location of 1st heating element
    front left
  • Power of 1st heating element (kW)
    0.33-1 kW
  • Type of heating element
    Economy burner, Gas

  • Location of 2nd heating element
    back left
  • Power of 2nd heating element (kW)
    0.35-1.7 kW
  • Type of 2nd heating element
    Gas, Standard burner

  • Location of 3rd heating element
    front centre/cent
  • Power of 3rd heating element (kW)
    0.3-5 kW
  • Type of 3rd heating element

  • Location of 4th heating element
    back right
  • Power of 4th heating element (kW)
    0.5-3 kW
  • Type of 4th heating element

  • Location of 5th heating element
    front right
  • Power of 5th heating element (kW)
    0.35-1.7 kW
  • Type of 5th heating element

  • Type of safety device for gas
    Electromagnetic for each burner
  • Power on indicator
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Main on/off switch

  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    100 cm
  • Electrical connection rating (W)
    1 W
  • Energy input
  • Frequency (Hz)
    50; 60 Hz
  • Gas connection
    rear, right
  • Gas connection rating (W)
    12,400 W


continuous cast-iron pan supports

High-quality materials and workmanship – continuous cast-iron pan supports.

Gas cooking

Precise heat control and full heating power instantly available thanks to gas cooking.

Topsheet color stainless steel

The uniquely beautiful stainless-steel surface design.

Fine adjustment possible even at low power levels: dual wok burner.

The two circular zones deliver up to 6 kW of power, thus heating pans quickly. The inner and outer flame rings can be adjusted via a single control – as required for proper cooking with a wok – and feature a truly slimline design.

Operating instructions


You can find user manuals for this product here.

Instruction manual

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