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The choice between speedPerfect and ecoPerfect; varioPerfect allows the setting of certain washes to be changed determined on what is most important, time or energy.

wool/shoe basket

Wool basket specially designed for drying wool clothing.


With autoDry, the dryer automatically knows when the laundry is dry thanks to a sensor within the drum, saving time and energy.


Sensor-controlled load detection for water-saving laundry care - thanks to waterPerfect.


Save energy by selecting ecoPerfect. This lengthens the time of a cycle by reducing the machines energy output by up to 50%.

Rapid 40

40 minute quick dry programme (Rapid 40).


i-Dos determines how much detergent is needed for each wash and automatically doses it, based on the weight of the laundry and programme used.


textileGuard programme for a gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles.


Save time by selecting speedPerfect. This decreases the cycle time by up to 65%, ideal for getting through laundry quickly without compromising on quality or cleanliness.

Stain removal programme

Stain removal programme for removing the 16 most stubborn stains.

softDry drum

softDry drum system for extremely gentle drying.

selfCleaning Condenser

The automatic, selfCleaning condenser system uses water generated during the drying cycle to clean the heat exchanger, maintaining efficiency and meaning you don’t have to.