The freedom of cooking – studioLine hobs

With our innovative full surface induction hobs, you can experience a new level of flexibility. Thanks to 48 state of the art inductors, you can place your cookware anywhere. The intelligent, smooth glass surface automatically detects the size, shape and position of up to four separate pots and pans.

As well as intelligent, the hob is also responsive. Even when you move the pans, the hob still recognises each pan and the required temperature, creating a cooking experience free of any restrictions.

Highly efficient: Siemens studioLine hobs with automatic pan recognition

Energy-efficiency is at the heart of Siemens products, and is at the heart of automatic pan recognition. Only the area of the hob in contact with the pan receives energy, meaning energy isn’t wasted by heating the entire unit. Not only will this lower your carbon footprint, but it will also reduce your utility bills.