Siemens presents: The new Gas Cooktops with stepFlame Technology.

With the new Siemens Gas Cooktops, conjuring up delicious meals is now easier than ever – thanks to revolutionary stepFlame Technology. It enables you to achieve the precise results you have always dreamt of.

Now with nine different levels of hot. With stepFlame Technology.

No more leaning over to check the flame size, no more hoping that it is at the right heat level. All this guesswork has been removed from cooking with gas. From now on, whatever level you choose – you’ll get exactly the heat and the flame size you need. Just as easy to operate as it sounds. That is stepFlame Technology: A groundbreaking innovation to precisely control the flame. Your meals will be delicious, and your guests will be delighted.

The best is always a good choice.

During the development of each new technology, engineers are faced with the challenge of combining usefulness with pleasure. The Gas Cooktops’ new design satisfies both: In such a glamorous setting, you will want to amaze guests every day.

Cooking at the highest level. The new Gas Cooktops.

From groundbreaking technology to flawless design: The Siemens Gas Cooktops set new standards from all angles and provide more space for creative cooking.

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Full flexibility and intuitive operation to quickly prepare various meals.

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Automatic ventilation and easy operation for a breath of fresh air in the kitchen.

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Fast and precise baking thanks to innovative features.

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