iQ500 Siemens Built-In refrigerator -- A premium quality product designed and manufactured in Germany

noFrost technology prevents icing and frosting so you never have to defrost again.

  • An A++ cooling appliance that works efficiently.
  • The superFreezing button reduces the temperature for a set time, to quickly freeze newly added food items.
  • All freezer drawers and glass shelves can be removed easily. varioZone lets you organize the space flexibly.
  • The multiAlarm system notifies you visually and acoustically if the temperature goes up.

The most important information on your product. GI81NAE30

  • Installation typology
  • Height of the product (mm)
    1,772 mm
  • Width of the product (mm)
    558 mm
  • Capacity (l)
    211 l
  • Noise level (dB)
    36 db(A) re 1pW

Other product details

General Data

  • Gross Capacity (Total): 235 L
  • Net Capacity (Total): 211L
  • Net Capacity (Freezer): 211L
  • Appliance Height: 1,772 mm
    Appliance Width: 558 mm
    Appliance Depth: 545 mm

Cooling System

  • NoFrost - Saves you time and effort from defrosting.
  • Superfreezing - Automatically brings down the temperature of the freezer to keep cool new items rapidly.

Freezer Compartment

  • 7 Pull-out drawers, including 2 Big Box for storing large items
  • Freezing capacity: 20 kg/ 24 h


  • 2 x cold accumulator(s)
    1 x ice cube tray(s)

Technical information


  • Width of the product (mm)
    558 mm
  • Height of the product (mm)
    1,772 mm
  • Freezer Net capacity (l) - NEW (2010/30/EC)
    211 l
  • Energy efficiency
    A++: very efficient
  • Energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC)
  • Ice cube maker
    1 ice cube tray
  • noFrost
  • superFreezing
  • Temperature for freezer
    digital 7 segment
  • Noise level (dB)
    36 db(A) re 1pW
  • Door hinge
    Left reversible
  • Light
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    230 cm
  • Included accessories
    2 x cold accumulator, 1 x ice cube tray

Construction type

  • Construction type
    Built-in appl, integratable
  • Cold appliance
  • Number of compressors
  • Type of control
  • Number of independent cooling systems
  • Frost free system
    Fridge and freezer
  • Installation typology

Size and weight

  • Depth of the product
    545 mm
  • Height of the product (mm)
    1,772 mm
  • Net weight (kg)
    68.0 kg
  • Width of the product (mm)
    558 mm

Consumption values


  • Capacity (l)
    211 l


  • Number of freezing flaps (Stck)
  • Thaw water drainage system
  • Thermometer freeze section


  • Included accessories
    2 x cold accumulator, 1 x ice cube tray
  • Type of control setting and signalling devices
    Super setting for freezer, Warning function freezer sect., Warning signal door open
  • Lockable door
  • Fast freezing switch
  • Storage Period in Event of Power Failure (h)
    22 h
  • Warning signal / malfunction
    visual and audible
  • Warning signal door open


  • Connection Rating (W)
    120 W
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    230 cm
  • Current (A)
    10 A
  • Frequency (Hz)
    50 Hz
  • Plug type
    Gardy plug w/ earthing
  • Voltage (V)
    220-240 V

Operating instructions


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Instruction manual

Product sheet

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