iQ700 tumble dryer with heat pump

iSensoric heat-pump dryer with selfCleaning condenser
100% Energy Efficient, 100% Drying Performance.Every time.

  • Energy efficiency class: A+++
  • Duotronic moisture sensor: sensor-controlled technology prevents laundry from shrinking when being dried
  • AutoDry saves time and energy by automatically stopping the drying process once it's complete
  • Self Cleaning Condenser: No more cleaning as condenser is cleaned up to 4 times automatically with water extracted during the cycle
  • Sensitive Drying system combines warm air currents and a gentle drum structure for dry clothes

The most important information on your product.WT45W460IN

  • Height (mm)
    842 mm
  • Width of the product (mm)
    598 mm

Other product details

Technical Information

  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.2 x 59.8 x 59.9 cm
  • 39 cm porthole, 170 ° swing door
  • Noise level: pleasantly quiet at 64dB(A)


  • Cottons, Synthetics, Mix, Lingerie, Woollen, Cold, Warm, Hygiene, Super 40', Towels, Outdoor, Pillow, Duvet, Shirts


  • SelfCleaning Condenser automatically cleans itself and keeps the dryer running at peak efficiency at all times
  • AntiVibration Side Panels reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process.
  • Anti-crease cycle 120min at the end of programme
  • Sensitive Drying system combines warm air currents and a gentle drum structure for dry clothes
  • Fine-adjustment of drying intensity to customise your preferred level of dryness
  • Child-proof lock

Display Screen & Alerts

  • Touch Control buttons: gentle drying, less ironing, programme length, start/pause, fine-tuning of drying aim, 24h end time delay
  • Buzzer at the end of the wash programme

Technical information


  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    842 x 598 x 599
  • Dryer type
  • Installation typology
  • Capacity (kg)
    9.0 kg
  • Energy efficiency class
    Not applicable
  • List of programmes
    additional programmes
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Start delay options
  • Door hinge
  • Interior light
  • Removable top
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    145.0 cm
  • Fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Quantity of fluorinated gases (kg)
    0.149 kg
  • Type of refrigerant
  • Hermetically sealed equipment
  • The quantity expressed in CO2 equivalent (t)
    0.000 t
  • Power consumption in off-mode (W) - NEW (2010/30/EC)
    0.10 W
  • Power consumption in left-on mode (W) - NEW (2010/30/EC)
    0.10 W
  • Duration of the left-on mode - NEW (2012/30/EC) (min)
    30 min
  • Available languages display
    English, Symbols


  • Home Connect

Construction type

  • Construction type
  • Door hinge
  • Drum material
    Stainless steel
  • Dryer type
  • Installation typology
  • Removable top

Size and weight

  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    842 x 598 x 599
  • Drum volume (l)
    112 l
  • Height of removable worktop (mm)
    842 mm
  • Net weight (kg)
    56.0 kg


  • Delicates cycle
  • Anti-crease
    120 min
  • Quick dry
  • Adjustable drying temperature
  • Programme options for drying
    Cottons, dessous, Mixture, outdoor, Pillows, shirts/blouses, Super 40, Synthetic, Time program cold, Time program warm, towels, Woollens finish

Consumption values

  • Energy information


  • Drying time selector
  • Fluff filter
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • End of cycle indicator
    Acoustic, LED-display
  • Blocked filter indicator
  • Full tank indicator
  • Interior light
  • Reverse tumble action
  • Start delay options



  • Connection Rating (W)
    1,000 W
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm)
    145.0 cm
  • Current (A)
    10 A
  • Exhaust water pipe
  • Poss f perm con of condens out
  • Frequency (Hz)
    50 Hz
  • Vent hose
  • Location of venting exit
    Not applicable
  • Voltage (V)
    220-240 V

Operating instructions


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