Combination Steam Ovens

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Programmes and functions

The innovative programmes and functions of Siemens combination steam ovens make your daily work easier, as even just a few examples show.

roastingSensor Plus.

It’s revolutionary technology measures the temperature at three precise points, making it highly accurate. This is suitable for numerous dishes like meat, chicken or fish and can even be combined with the integrated microwave.

4D hot air.

For baking and roasting on one or more levels. The fan distributes the heat evenly around the compartment for consistent cooking.



High-quality materials. The perfect accessories.

Siemens steamers and combi-steam ovens aren't just extemely nice to look at and out of high-quality materials, they also have real inner virtues. All of them have cooking compartments of high-quality stainless steel, a material that is very odour- and flavour-neutral. Some appliances also have modern halogen interior lights to give a good view of the contents through the all-glass inside door.

Siemens offers a comprehensive range of practical accessories to make cooking and baking easy and pleasant. For combination steam ovens Siemens offers a wide variety of racks and tins. These quality accessories are designed expressly for the functions of Siemens appliances.