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Special options

Gentle on top, high pressure below. Ideal for mixed load: intensiveZone.

  • ICON_PG_IntensiveZone

The intensiveZone option makes cleaning of soiled pots and fragile glasses together possible. It generates more spray pressure in the lower basket so that the most stubborn soiling is taken care of, while the top basket remains unchanged. A perfect dishwashing result is guaranteed even for mixed loads.

GentleWashing and drying, upto 66% faster: varioSpeed Plus.

  • varioSpeed Plus

varioSpeed Plus reduces the cycle time by up to 66%. Dishes are perfectly cleaned and dried with same perfect washing result at shortest time.

Load without restrictions: halfLoad.

The halfLoad option is perfect for smaller households and allows total freedom on where to stack the dishes. It also saves up to 20% of water and 10% of energy whilst maintaining the best wash performance. A convenient option when you don't want to wait for a full load.

As clean as it gets: hygienePlus.

  • hygienePlus

This option is ideal for washing dishes and utensils to stringent hygienic standards. During the final rinse, the temperature is kept at a constant high level of 70°C for about 10 minutes, eliminating up to 99.99% of all bacteria, giving you the most hygienic wash possible. This is perfect for washing your baby bottles and dishes.

More brilliance at the touch of a button: Shine & Dry.

When selected, the Shine & Dry option helps dishes and glassware come out exceptionally clean with perfect shine by raising the temperature and extending the drying time, for a special gentle drying process.

Flexible loading

Quick 45°C programme.

  • party 45 degrees

The fast 45°C programme washes dirty dishes in only 29 minutes. But it's not just extremely fast. The result is also extremely clean.

Higher flexibility and convenience: rackMatic™.

  • rackMatic

TM rackMatic gives you the flexibility to adjust the upper basket to accommodate taller glasses or large saucers. Bigger utensils can be stacked at the bottom by lifting the upper basket, this adjustment can be made even when the dishwasher is loaded.

Great comfort on all levels: varioFlex Pro baskets and varioDrawer Pro.

  • varioFlex basket

With its various foldable and flexible tines, the new varioFlex Pro baskets and varioDrawer Pro provide maximum flexibility and space for all your utensils. In the new and improved dishwashers, thanks to the glass holders in the top basket, wine glasses will easily find a right and stable place. Bigger utensils will find their space in the bottom basket. The blue coloured touch points indicate adjustments within the basket at first glance. Loading the dishwasher has never been as comfortable.

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