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ecoPerfect1 : Up to 50% less power consumption.

  • ecoPerfect

The ecoPerfect feature in iSensoric detects the laundry load volume as well as the kind of fabric, which then helps regulate the temperature through the sensors. Due to this, the agitation level is regulated as per the load, thus saving electricity along with perfect wash results.


Super quick 15 min: Washes, spins and rinses in just 15 minutes.

The super15 programme washes, spins and rinses your laundry in just 15 minutes. Thus it is ideal for anyone who would like to have lightly soiled clothing (such as after exercising) clean again quickly.

The wool/handwash programme: Washes more gently than by hand.

Wash your delicate wool or cashmere clothing in your washing machine without giving it a second thought. The wool/handwash programme from Siemens washes particularly gently, and rinses thoroughly and very softly.

autoStain Removal System: Removes up to 16 of the most stubborn stains.

  • autoStain removal

Our autoStain removal system empowers you to customize wash programmes for a specific stain. This allows you to select 16 specific stains like strawberry, tea, tomato, soiled socks, orange, cosmetics, butter/oil, sweat, red wine, egg, baby food, dirt/sand, coffee, chocolate, blood and grass. Our machine uses an intelligent combination of mechanics, temperature and time to apply the necessary treatment that leaves your clothes spotless without any additional chemicals.

The shirts/business programme: Never again spend hours ironing shirts.

  • shirts

This programme is perfect for office wear that is changed often but rarely gets very dirty. The washing time is short and the spinning speed is only 400 rpm. Permanent-press shirts smooth out from their own weight when hung up wet, so they hardly need ironing.


Iron a lot less: The Easy Iron option.

At the touch of a button, your laundry will be gently and evenly drained, for noticeably fewer wrinkles. This makes ironing easier, especially for shirts and blouses.

Time delay: continuous 24 hours :

Time Delay: Your convenience is of priority to us. Which is why we give you the freedom to set the timer up to 24 hours from the starting time, and the wash will start by itself on the time set.

speedPerfect2: Perfect laundry in up to 65% lesser time

speedPerfect With its intelligent load and flow sensor, it detects the laundry load volume along with the kind of fabric. This information is then passed on to the temperature sensor, which then reduces the overall wash cycle by heating up water quickly to give perfectly clean laundry in a shorter duration of time.