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You can use freestanding appliances in a variety of locations: Simply set up, plug in and turn on. Siemens refrigerator look consistently good from any angle.

Built-in fridge freezers easily fits into your kitchen cabinets. Siemens has a wide range of models to fit any need and cabinet dimensions. Hidden, discreet and coordinated with your individual kitchen interior, Siemens built-in appliances are compatible with most cabinet fronts, while their features enrich your kitchen's capabilities.

A new dimension to cold food storage for those who require more space. With the flexibility of choosing between French door in built-in and Side-by-side in freestanding.

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Siemens freezers offer plenty of convenience and make sure your foods are properly stored. These extremely efficient appliances provide the latest technology, leaving you more time to enjoy life. Available in both Built-in and Freestanding models.

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Refrigerator-freezers with bottom freezer compartment. Want a quick look at what is in the fridge? This device has the cooling area at eye level. Available in both Built-in and Freestanding models.

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Keeps food fresh for longer thanks to vitaFresh and coolBox.

Fresh ingredients are the be all and end all when cooking, so the convenient Siemens refrigerator-freezers offer the ideal conditions for keeping food fresh.

Experience convenience. Without interruption.

When it comes to convenience, Siemens refrigerators stay unmatched. Be it keeping the contents fresh, arranging and organising them, or maintaining the temperature with ease, Siemens makes sure there is no interruption.