Siemens Customer Service for home appliances

If your cooker, washing machine, refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer or dishwasher needs to be inspected or repaired, Siemens Customer Service offers fast and expert help.

Fast online help: the Service Assistant from Siemens. It assists you with all questions about your home appliance and provides information about fault diagnosis and subsequent fault correction. And if you need spare parts or would like to order a repair service, Siemens Customer Service is available to you – by phone and e-mail.

With its nationwide service network, Siemens offers optimal customer service for all Siemens home appliances. No matter whether your washing machine needs repairing or you require spare parts for your dishwasher – Siemens Customer Service is there for you.

Siemens Customer Service inspects and repairs all faults in Siemens cookers. You can rely on a professional, expert and dependable repair service

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Siemens Customer Service provides you with straightforward help when you have problems with your oven. You can find answers to important questions online. And, if necessary, Customer Service can visit you on-site.

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Siemens Customer Service corrects faults with cooktops and hobs.

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Siemens helps you repair your washing machine with expertise and long-standing experience – online or directly on-site.

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The expert Siemens Customer Service offers comprehensive service for all extractor hoods – online and on-site in your kitchen.

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Fully automated coffee machines

Siemens Service provides support in case of problems or questions relating to your fully automatic coffeemaker.


The Siemens online Service Assistant helps you with instructions and videos relating to your dishwasher.

Refrigerator and freezer

For all questions relating to your refrigerator, Siemens Service provides expert assistance.

Small home appliances

Whether electric kettles, food processors, vacuum cleaners or irons - Siemens Service takes care.

Tumble dryers

The customer service of Siemens provides friendly, expert assistance in all matters relating to your dryer: online, by phone or on site.

Service Assistant

The Siemens Service Assistant offers fast, expert, dependable online help.

Service Assistant

Siemens Call Center

Mon-Sat 8.00 AM- 6.00 PM

(02) 975-5454

Contact Siemens online

You can contact Siemens by e-mail here.