Washers and Dryers

Amount of Models
20 appliances

Rapid 15

15 minute quick wash programme (Rapid 15) washes, rinses, and spins in just 15 minutes.


With varioPerfect, your choice of either 60 % less time or 40 % less energy.


Sensor-controlled autoDry technology prevents laundry from shrinking when being dried.


Sensor-controlled load detection for water-saving laundry care - thanks to waterPerfect.


ecoPerfect for extremely energy-efficient washing.


With the option speedPerfect, get perfect washing results in up to 65 % less time.

softDry drum

softDry drum system for extremely gentle drying.

1-7 kg stainless steel drum

High-grade stainless steel drum for 1-7 kg loads.


The precise i-Dos automatic dosing system measures the detergent for you and helps you save water and detergent.


textileGuard programme for a gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles.

selfCleaning Condenser

Cleaning the condenser becomes obsolete and energy consumption remains constantly low thanks to the self-cleaning system.