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hyperFresh fridges: Masters of cooling.

Look forward to more options every day: With the new fridge freezers by Siemens, your life is flexible, your food fresh, and your day easier.

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The freshSense sensors activate the moment a change in temperature is registered and compensates for this change in an instant. Therefore the temperature always remains within the optimum range and your food stays fresher for longer.

For more convenience when adding and removing food, the glass shelves can now be easily pulled out to the middle on rails. This offers an easy slide and better view quickly.

These controlled defrosting cycles avoid the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge freezer, which means you never have to defrost your freezer again and energy consumption remains low.

The combination of the long-lasting LED spotlight in the ceiling and the flush, integrated lights in the side walls illuminates the entire fridge so you can quickly see what you have in.