The perfect combination of hob, ventilation and inspiration

The new Siemens inductionAir system combines two great appliances: the innovative flexInduction hob and seamlessly integrated ventilation. Thanks to this space-saving concept and easy installation, you wont lose valuable storage space underneath your hob. No matter what design you are planning for your kitchen, the inductionAir system will make it possible.

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Hob and hood merge into a single appliance as beautiful as it is functional.

The powerful downward ventilation of the integrated hood means there is no need to install an additional hood or chimney and the innovative flexInduction hob adapts to your cookware with customizable cooking zones. The latest in kitchen technology and design from Siemens.

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Powerful and quiet: iQdrive motor.

The iQdrive motor is always up to the task of removing unpleasant kitchen odours. Thanks to its brushless mechanism, the motor is outstandingly long-lasting, efficient and quiet.

climateControl Sensor

Once activated, the ClimateControl Sensor takes care of all ventilation level adjustment for you, controlling normal as well as intensive levels. The sensor constantly detects the level of odours in the air and automatically adjust the motor level

Adapts to your needs: flexInduction.

With flexInduction, your hob is ready for every type of cookware. If the limits of one cooking zone are exceeded, additional cooking zones can be added and the cookware is always evenly heated.

Operate with your intuition: dual lightSlider.

The new dual lightSlider lets you easily select and join the cooking zones of the Induction cooktops via one neatly arranged interface. And when switched off, it is completely invisible.

One thing less to worry about: cookingSensor Plus.

No more overboiling. Just attach the sensor to the pot and it will interact with the cooktop, giving a signal when a certain temperature has been reached and keeping it exactly at that level.

Shift the heat by shifting the pan powerMove Plus

powerMove Plus lets you separate your hob into three different heating zones. Once selected, the individual zones are automatically activated simply by placing the cookware on them.

Pays attention to your pans: fryingSensorPlus

Sensors in the hob measure the pan’s temparature. Once a desired heat level has been reached, you recieve a signal and the pan stays at that very level.

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Automatic ventilation and easy operation for a breath of fresh air in the kitchen.

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Full flexibility and intuitive operation give you complete control for cooking any meal.

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Innovative technology and stylish design that fits seamlessly in any kitchen.

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