Siemens presents: The new modulAir System.

The modern world is full of possibilities – and with new possibilities, new choices occur. This change in daily life allows you to enjoy more freedom at every moment and to realise your very personal taste at home, for example with a kitchen that is not isolated anymore but a centrepiece of your household. The new modulAir System takes up this trend of open plan kitchens and completes it by integrating the ventilation into your worktop. This way, you can plan and visualise your kitchen exactly as you want and create a seamless space with more possibilities to show your individual style. For instance, you could incorporate a lighting unit above your kitchen island for a more refined atmosphere – there are no limits to your vision anymore. It’s all designed to make sure the only thing remaining in the air is your ideas – and your vision of an accomplished kitchen that will surely impress every guest.

Freedom in planning arrives with great performance.

Brushless and efficient.

The iQdrive motor is always up to the task of removing unpleasant kitchen odours. Thanks to its brushless mechanism, the motor is outstandingly long-lasting, efficient, and quiet.

Full control at the touch of a finger.

The intuitive touchControl allows you to operate the modulAir System and to control its extraction power with just the touch of a finger. Choose between three standard and one intensive level for even better performance

Exhaust mode.

The exhaust mode guides the steam and the cooking odours directly outside your kitchen – for constant clean air.

Recirculation mode.

The recirculation mode can neutralise unpleasant odours, leaving behind nothing but fresh, pure air. No heat is vented outdoors in winter. And in summer, air-conditioned air stays in the kitchen.

Automatic ventilation and easy operation for a breath of fresh air in the kitchen.

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Full flexibility and intuitive operation for quickly preparing various meals.

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