Over and under or side by side – freely combinable.

The new modularFit appliances.

You need a kitchen that matches your lifestyle. That’s why you’re finally able to combine the cooling and freezing appliances exactly the way you want. Whether you require more fridge space or prefer extra freezer space, we have the right combinations for every individual requirement. But the flexibility doesn’t stop with the way you can arrange your kitchen. With unique and innovative cooling technologies the appliances can also enrich your everyday life.

modularFit allows you to combine your appliances over and under each other, or side by side – with a lot of different possibilities.

Combine your cooling and freezing appliances the way you want: modularFit.

Whether it’s on top or next to each other: thanks to the new Anti Condensation technology you are able to match cooling and freezing appliances however you like. The innovative technology even prevents build up of moisture between the appliances. Adapt your cooling experience to your kitchen and your life – with modularFit.

More possibilities for even more freshness.

Fresh, fresher, hyperFresh.

The large hyperFresh premium drawers keep your food fresh for up to three times longer. The drawers creates an optimal climate for your food: humidity and temperature are perfectly adapted and automatically regulated – keeping your food tasting fresher for longer.

Excellent solutions down to the last detail.

Food stays fresh for up to three times longer:
hyperFresh premium 0°C.

Both the temperature and humidity are crucial for preserving freshness. The hyperFresh premium 0°C drawers – one for fruit and vegetables with humidity control and one for fish and meat – provide clear benefits thanks to differing humidity levels. Your food remains fresh for up to three times longer. The separate compartments also prevent unpleasant odour transfer.

The Anti Condensation technology enables you to combine the modularFit appliances.

Thanks to easyInstallation, almost all brackets, including screws for fixing, are pre-assembled.

The energy efficiency category up to A+++ saves you both electricity and money.

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