Siemens presents: iSensoric.

A variety of Siemens home appliances are equipped with innovative sensors and intelligent software. They simply make your home more intelligent, more efficient, and, above all, more comfortable.

The iSensoric Sensors and Control Unit.

Intelligent sensor technology enables the fully automated operation of many Siemens home appliances. With every operation, sensors measure all the relevant factors inside the appliances. The gathered information is then transferred to the iSensoric Control Unit. There, the information is processed by being compared to the data gained from decades of Siemens engineering knowledge. If necessary, iSensoric reacts automatically and regulates the operation to achieve maximum performance for ideal results.

Based on this technology, iSensoric enables a variety of outstandingly intelligent features to exploit the full potential of your Siemens home appliances.

i-Dos: Automatic dosing of the detergent for optimal wash results and minimum use of resources.

The washing machines with i-Dos analyse the laundry and i-Dos automatically determines the right amount of detergent for a particular load and efficiently dispenses it – for excellent washing results and minimum use of resources.


freshSense: For long-lasting freshness.

Even the slightest changes in temperature, by sun shining on the fridge freezer for instance, can impact the conditions inside your fridge – and thus the freshness of your foods. To avoid this, sensors measure the temperature in- and outside the fridge, detect if the conditions of the environment change and if the door is opened. If a change is detected, the control system immediately countersteers and the food stays fresh as long as possible.


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Best results at the push of a button: the auto programme.

As soon as the auto programme is activated, the aqua sensor automatically measures the turbidity of the water. And in interaction with other intelligent sensors, the iSensoric Control Unit steers the whole washing and drying process with brilliant results at all times.


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intensiveZone option: Enable superior cleaning performance for heavily soiled pots and pans with your program.

Activating the intensiveZone option automatically increases the spray pressure in the lower basket. This way, heavily soiled pans can be cleaned thoroughly, while delicate dishes in the upper basket are safely treated. For a maximum of security, this process is controlled by the waterVolumeSensor, measuring the exact amount of water in the system and the amount used during rinsing. intensiveZone option – powered by iSensoric.

baking Sensor: Automatically outstanding baking results.

bakingSensor automatically controls the baking process: It measures the interior moisture concentration and therefore knows when the dough is ready.

All ovens with bakingSensor

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roastingSensor Plus: Reliably perfect roasts.

The roastingSensor plus is fully reliable not only for beef, but also for poultry, fish, gratins and bony food. To achieve highest accuracy, roastingSensor Plus uses three measuring points to reliably measure the internal temperature of your food. This prevents false readings from hollow spaces. As soon as the defined core temperature is reached, the oven stops - and leaves you with a perfect dish.


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