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keepWarm Sensor

The keepWarm function allows the set temperature to be maintained for 30 minutes — regardless of the water volume.

quartzRoast System

The innovative mirrorHeating heating technology creates heat with its four quartz glass heating elements. The heat is then reflected back and distributed evenly over the toast.

Bread roll warmer

If you want to enjoy warm and crispy bread rolls or delicate croissants for breakfast, then the bread roll warmer is the perfect solution for a perfect breakfast

sensorControl Heat-up

Four different temperature settings: 100, 90, 80 and 70°C. In order to guarantee the perfect water temperature, an LED continuously displays the current temperature setting.

Lid opens at the touch of a button

Under control: The lid can be opened quickly and easily using the button integrated in the handle, making it quick and easy to fill the appliance.

sensorHeat Control

To guarantee even and consistently brown toast, a sensor in the toaster precisely adjusts the toasting time.