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Dimensions and installation


Programmes and functions

The innovative programmes and functions of Siemens steamers and combi-steam ovens make your daily work easier, as even just a few examples show.


Depending on the model, the automatic roasting feature offers up to 70 programmes for the professional time-saving preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.

All appliances with cookControl


For more convenient operation.

For Siemens ovens you can choose from among several types of pull-out devices that let you access tins and racks particularly easily and safely.

Triple telescopic rails Plus

Thanks to the integrated stop function, these telescopic rails automatically engage on both sides so that they won't move when you put baking tins and racks back in.


Baking trays and other accessories

Siemens offers a comprehensive range of practical accessories to make cooking and baking easy and pleasant. For steamers and combi-steam ovens Siemens offers a wide variety of racks and tins. These quality accessories are designed expressly for the functions of Siemens appliances.

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