Home appliances are responsible for approx. 50% of our energy and water usage.

Energy and water savings begin at home – that is, with the choice of energy-efficient home appliances. Almost 50% of the power and water consumed by private households can be traced back to home appliances. Not only does the environment suffer, but the endless rise in energy costs is also hard on your budget. Home appliances are a great place to begin reducing energy and water consumption. Using new and more efficient appliances can have a significant impact both on the environment and your cost savings.

Washing Machine


Saving your time, i-Dos allows you to simply place your clothes in the drum, select your desired programme and relax. i-Dos automatically determines the exact amount of liquid detergent needed for each of your laundry cycles, depending on the weight of the load and what programme is used. With the built-in drawer conveniently holding enough liquid detergent for around 20 washes, not only does this mean you don’t have to measure and fill the container for every wash, but as the correct amount of liquid detergent is used every time, your clothes will receive the excellent wash whilst saving you precious time and around 11 litres in detergent per year. The result, hassle-free laundry and excellently clean clothes.

waterPerfect Plus:

For excellent washing results using as little water as possible. The intelligent sensors detect the load size and the fabric type. Only the exact amount of water required is then added for optimal laundry care and minimal water consumption.


A technology that lets you choose to save time or energy, while achieving the outstanding cleaning results. Choose speedPerfect to reduce the wash time automatically by up to 65% and choose ecoPerfect to reduce energy usage by up to 50%.

iQdrive with 10 years warranty:

The iQdrive is the most economical, fastest, quietest and most durable motor we have ever built, hence why it comes with a 10-year motor warranty. This specially designed motor at the heart of our machines is designed to last longer; meaning you’ll never be without clean laundry, as well as being extremely quiet, meaning you can enjoy a conversation without having to compete with your washing machine.



Using advanced drying technologies, Siemens Dishwashers keep energy consumption to a minimum. Zeolith®, a form of naturally occurring mineral has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat.

What does this mean for you? The heat produced naturally by the Zeolith® is used for the drying cycle. No additional energy is therefore required to heat up the contents of your dishwasher for the drying process (as with a standard drying system). This results in excellent drying, with less energy usage.

5-star Energy Efficiency (ESMA-UAE):

All Siemens Dishwashers comply fully with UAE Standards.

S 5010-6 issued by Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), as the relevant UAE authority regulation body. Therefore, all our products are granted with 4 to 5-Stars in scale of 1to 5-Stars for Energy Efficiency, which allows a yearly energy consumption between 207-260kWh/year. Additionally, Siemens appliances have a low water consumption, which keeps them with annual consumptions between 1792-2772 liters/year.