series 300 Primary colour: black, Secondary colour: dark grey


All you need for a good coffee


Protect against drips and stains: drip stop.

We all know this situation โ€” your freshly brewed coffee is ready and on its way into your cup, but virtually every machine continues to drip and leaves unsightly stains on the heating plate. Thanks to the Siemens drip stop function, limescale deposits, burned-on coffee and laborious cleaning are now a thing of the past. For maximum indulgence to the very last drop.

Swing-out filter holder for quick and easy coffee preparation.

Some mornings, you need to get ready quickly. And if you love aromatic coffee, you don't want to wait around for your first cup. Thanks to the swing-out filter holder, you can almost make your morning coffee in your sleep: Simply swing the filter holder out, fill the paper filter with ground coffee, swing it back in, switch it on, and you're done.

Saves space without compromising on convenience: safeStorage.

The perfect appliance โ€” and not just at the breakfast table: Storing your Siemens coffee machine is just as convenient as preparing highly aromatic coffee. Thanks to safeStorage, the power cable, plug and pot handle can be stored quickly, easily and safely in the compartments of the housing.

Additional information

Product details
  • Aroma protecting glass jug for 10/15 cups (1.25 l)
  • Brewing system for optimum taste extraction
  • Drip stop
  • Integrated Watertank incl. water level indicator
  • Removable swing-out filter (1x4)
  • Keep-warm plate
  • SafeStorage jug, cable and plug depot for compact and safe storage
Technical Information
Brand Siemens
Product name / Commercial code TC3A0103GB
EAN code 4,242,003,646,915
Appliance type Coffee machine for 10 cups
Construction type
Secondary colour Dark grey
Swing-out filter holder
Size and weight
Number of aroma-enhancing stages none
Dimensions of the product (mm) 335 x 170 x 245 mm
Number of cups big/small 10/15
Net weight (kg) 1.6 kg
Water level indicator on caraf
Power on indicator
Safety device Temperature protection
Cup selection Without
sensorControlled Heating-System
aromaSense Plus
Technical details
Connection Rating (W) 1,100 W
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Plug type GB plug
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Included accessories 1 x glass carafe 10 cups satin grey


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