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Environmental Protection

At Siemens, we are always aware of the climate protection, the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly household appliance has been our concern for many years. We want to play our part in saving a considerable amount of this energy by providing innovative products because we believe that high-performance appliances and lower energy consumption are by no means mutually exclusive.

ecoPlus - Our Eco Assurance

Referring to Product Life Cycle (PLC) Environmental Impact Analysis, Over 90% of environmental pollution occurs during an appliance's usage phase. That's why we contribute greatest efforts in develop Eco Products, having our ecoPlus logo as plendge of assurance. It is an example of environmental protection in practice being the direct consequence of intelligent technology.

To help to find home appliances that are particularly energy efficient, there is now the EU-Energy label that is used through out Europe. This independent label categories appliances into seven energy consumption classes from A+++ to D and "A+++" always indicates the most energy-saving appliances, whereas D indicates those with the highest electricity consumption. In Hong Kong, we have a local Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme from Grade 1 to 5 with Grade 1 represent the highest efficiency class.