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Fresh 2 times or 3 times as long - the choice is yours.

For good meals you need fresh ingredients. Siemens refrigerators come equipped with freshness systems that make keeping food fresh easy and flexible, so meals are always delicious regardless of when you find time to shop.

What does that mean for you?

Fewer shopping trips

One big shopping trip per week is now enough to always have something fresh at home. That saves you time and makes cooking more flexible.

Easy on the pocketbook

You'll throw less away because your food purchases stay fresh much longer.

For individual storage of your food

Siemens refrigerators offer a selectuion of freshness systems that you can choose among, for a refrigerator that keeps your favourite foods fresh as long as possible.

0°C vitaFresh zones keep food fresh 3 times longer.

Freshness is a matter of the right temperature and also the right humidity. vitaFresh storage zones near 0°C with different humidity levels offer remarkable benefits. They keep food fresh up to 3x longer, and retain vitamins longer as well. The separate compartments also minimize unpleasant odour transfer.

Temperature: constantly near 0°C

Humidity control: The humidity can be easily adjusted for the needs of different kinds of foods.

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Keeps produce fresh up to 2x longer - the hydroFresh Box

The humidity in the hydroFresh Box can be regulated as needed by means of a humidity control. This ensures a constant storage climate at the ideal humidity level to retain flavour, vitamins and nutrients longer.

Temperature: the same as the rest of the refrigerator.

Humidity control: closed system, manual humidity control using a slide controller

Recommended foods: fruit and vegetables, ideal for greens

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Keeps fish and meat fresh up to 2x longer - the coolBox.

The coolBox keeps meat, sausage and fish fresh longer. Twice as long, to be exact. To create the right storage conditions, it maintains a temperature in the box that is 2-3° C cooler than the rest of the refrigerator. The transparent material gives a good view of the contents.

Temperature: 2-3°C colder than the rest of the interior.

Humidity control: no humidity control

Recommended foods: fish, meat, beverages

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Produce stays fresh longer - the crisperBox.

Whether for apricots, broccoli or lamb's lettuce, the crisperBox lets you adjust the humidity to the contents simply by moving a sliding control. This keeps foods fresh longer.

Temperature: same as the rest of the refrigerator.

Humidity control: There is a humidity control on the front of the produce drawer

Recommended foods: fruit, vegetables, greens

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