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Siemens presents: iSensoric.

A variety of Siemens home appliances are equipped with innovative sensors and intelligent software. They simply make your home more intelligent, more efficient, and, above all, more comfortable.

The sensors

Each individual sensor performs its own special task. For instance, inside the dishwasher, the aqua sensor analyses the cloudiness of the water with the help of an infrared beam of light, while another sensor measures the temperature. In this way, the sensors in every appliance gather important information about the temperature, weight or degree of soiling – with absolute precision. This data is then passed on to the iSensoric Control Unit, where it is analysed and processed to fully automatically achieve the very best results for you.

The new Washing Machines with iSensoric. The sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care.

Enjoy even more freedom and flexibility in life – with the intelligent Siemens washing machines featuring iSensoric. Thanks to a variety of innovative sensors, the intelligent iSensoric Control Unit is able to adapt the whole washing process to the individual load. The result: Each wash cycle gives a master performance. Thanks to numerous innovative sensors, the intelligent iSensoric Control Unit always knows exactly how to treat your laundry and ensure an optimal degree of drying – without the risk of shrinking or damaging it. Outstanding energy efficiency and guaranteed life-long top performance are only two additional benefits that iSensoric has to offer. Explore the unique features that this new technology has to offer and discover how they enrich your life. For a life less ordinary.

stainRemoval: Get rid of 16 different kinds of stains by the push of a button – no more chemical or manual pretreatment needed.

Every stain is different and needs a special treatment to be removed, whether it‘s tomato, grass, or red wine. And stainRemoval always knows exactly how. Beginning with the ‘temperature sensor’, controlling the right temperature concerning the molecular properties of the stain. And the ‘flow sensor’ and the ‘load sensor Plus’ supply just the right amount of water necessary to completely wash it out. Now 16 most stubborn stains can reliably and automatically be removed. stainRemoval – powered by iSensoric.

speedPerfect: Get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time.

If activated, speedPerfect automatically detects, where time can be saved. With the ‘flow sensor’ and the ‘load sensor Plus’, the machine detects load volume and kind of textile and hence adapts the washing process time-efficiently to the specific load. Additionally, the bleach in the detergent is activated faster with slightly higher temperatures, controlled by the ‘temperature sensor’. For perfect results in up to 65% less time. speedPerfect – powered by iSensoric.

The new Dryers with iSensoric. The sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care.

Give yourself more freedom – and your laundry special treatment with each drying process. Thanks to numerous innovative sensors, the intelligent iSensoric Control Unit always knows exactly how to treat your laundry and ensure an optimal degree of drying – without the risk of shrinking or damaging it. Outstanding energy efficiency and guaranteed life-long top performance are only two additional benefits that iSensoric has to offer. For a life less ordinary.

selfCleaning condenser: Keeps the drying performance high and the energy consumption low – automatically and for life.

The selfCleaning condenser prevents itself from getting clogged by fluff and lint particles that get into the system during a drying cycle. The relevant area is automatically cleared of lint several times during every cycle by flushing it out with the water that was extracted from the wet fabrics. Thanks to the functional interaction of the time sensor and the waterlevel sensor, the intelligent software always knows the available amount of water and the right flushing times. In this way, the dryer stays enduringly energy-efficient, just as on day one. selfCleaning condenser – powered by iSensoric.

activeSteam: The easiest way to get wrinkle-free and pleasingly fresh laundry.

  • Siemens activeSteam

The innovative activeSteam technology offers two wrinkle-free programmes and two refresher programmes. With them, you can get either extra smooth laundry, or refresh demanding textiles like business clothes without having to wash them. In both cases, the appliance effectively produces steam from distilled water: A waterlevel sensor ensures that enough water is always provided, and the vaporisation process is consistently controlled by a special temperature sensor. In this way the laundry stays dry, while wrinkles are smoothed out or odour molecules are extracted by the steam. activeSteam technology – powered by iSensoric.

Sensor-controlled intelligence for individual freshness: iSensoric.

Experience innovative home appliance technology at its best – with iSensoric. Now for your fridge and freezer, too. Thanks to sensor-controlled technology iSensoric, your cooling appliance automatically adapts to you and your needs – opening up completely new opportunities. Making strenuous decisions on when and how you will handle your food a thing of the past, the fridge freezer thinks for you. The intelligent interaction between the iSensoric sensors enables a full range of freshnessfeatures. From freshSense and noFrost to intelligent inverter technology and separate temperature control by using touchControl – the Siemens fridge freezers with iSensoric keep your food perfectly fresh for longer and offer maximum flexibility. To achieve this, up to eight sensors collect all the relevant information, which is then handled by the appliance’s intelligent electronics. All the data is analysed and processed to provide perfectly calculated, automated instructions – adapted to your unique needs for freshness. For a life less ordinary.

To the Appliances

Energy-efficient and quiet cooling: The intelligent inverter technology.

The intelligent Inverter technology is a clever combination of the inverter-motor and iSensoric. The sensors register every slight change in temperature or humidity inside the refrigerator, for example when the door is opened or warm food is stored. This information is then passed on to the inverter motor, which adapts its need for energy accordingly. In this way, you can cool food intelligently and energy-efficiently – and thanks to the highquality inverter-motor, incredibly quietly.

Precise, easy, and innovative: Separate temperature control with touchControl.

Practical innovations and extreme easy to use – the intelligent touchControl. Thanks to highly sensitive sensors, even the slightest touch of the clear touchControl display is registered and all the functions of the fridge freezer – such as temperature, alarm and vacation functions – can be immediately set. Furthermore, the touchControl display is also the communications hub for iSensoric, because here is where the data from the various sensors is collected for controlling other functions. Especially handy: The freezer and refrigerator can be controlled separately thanks to their independent cooling circuits.

iSensoric: intelligently linked-up sensors for ideal results.

Thanks to interacting sensors, the dishwasher is able to control the entire washing and drying process and automatically adapt the water consumption, water temperature, and cycle time. In addition to the temperature sensor, which monitors how hot the water is, there is the aqua sensor, which uses a beam of light to gather information about the level of soiling on the dishes. These are just a few possibilities that iSensoric enables – every single one offering more freedom and flexibility.

To the Appliances

For pots, pans and delicate dishes at once: the intensiveZone.

Activating the intensiveZone automatically increases the spray pressure in the lower basket. This way, heavily soiled pots or pans can be cleaned thoroughly, while delicate dishes in the upper basket are treated gently and safely. The waterVolume sensor, as a part of iSensoric, ensures an optimal amount of water within the dishwasher – for a superior cleaning performance.

For a lifetime guarantee against water-damage: the aquaStop®.

This comfortable safety system prevents any kind of water damage thanks to iSensoric – the intelligent network of sensors. No matter, if the inlet hose or the appliance is leaking, the securitySensor immediately detects it and activates the aquaStop®. Siemens guarantees this safety with a life-long warranty.

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