Built-under fridges

Use those niches – undercounter refrigerators fit perfectly under your kitchen's work surface.

Optimal refrigeration. Under the worktop.

Enjoy the freshness of perfectly cooled food combined with plenty of space to cook, even in smaller kitchens. Siemens undercounter refrigerators fit perfectly in a niche under the work surface. With height-adjustable feet, adjustable base and flush front, they blend right in with your cabinetry, and take only little space. Yet despite their small size, they don't skimp on performance or convenience. Choose between models with different functions or even a small freezer section.

Number of models
2 appliances

safetyGlass shelves

The safetyGlass shelves are of extra strong, easy-cleaning safety glass.


freshSense uses sensors to keep the inside temperature steady, for guaranteed longer food freshness.