Instantaneous electronically controlled water heater

Flexibility in power upgrade : 15/18 kW

  • LCD display ON/OFF indicator
  • KTW-certificated, recognized by UBA Germany
  • Safety cut-off with air bubble detection system, the water temperature will climbing up after 30seconds automatically
  • Slim design
HKD 6,190.00Recommended retail price

    Solar ready

    Supports connection to pre-heated water, e.g. from a solar energy system.


    -30% energy

    Fully electronic control saves water and energy.



    Optimum display of settings and information.

  • ICON_IP25

    Shock/moisture protection to IP 25.

    Water jet protection ensures easy installation, even in commercial applications.


Basic informationDE1518527M

  • Nominal power (kW)
    15/18 kW
  • Current (A)
    25; 32 A
  • Minimum to maximum inlet temperature (C°)
    4-60 °C
  • Variable temperature setting from/to (°C)
    30 - 60 °C
  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    483 x 236 x 122 mm

More technical information

more details

  • Readable 3-digit LC display.
  • Indication of the degree exact wish temperature
  • This one is regulated fully electronically always degree exact hot-water wish temperature.
  • Hot water rating: (->60 °C) 4.4 l/min (15kW), 5.3 l/min (18kW) ; (->38°C) 9.8 l/min (18kW), 8.1 l/min (15kW)
  • Heat setting(s) : 30 °C- 60 °C
  • Variable temperature selection from 30 °C to 60 °C in 0.5°C per steps
  • An electronic security concept with air bubbles recognition integrated
  • Low switch-on flow rate of 2.5 l/min
  • Suitable for pre-warmed water up to 55 degrees Celsius, for example for the after-warming of a solar plant
  • Minimum working pressure: 0.25 bar
  • Splash-proof standard IP25
  • Flexible connection pipes for easy connection to water mains
  • CLICKFIX plus assembly technology for the fastest assembly saves time and money
  • Back plate and heating block can be separated using a handle for assembly
  • Water pipe connection thread ["]:21,3 / G1/2A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 48.3 x 23.6 x 12.2 cm
  • EU energy label A

Technical information

  • Brand
  • Product name / Commercial code
  • EAN code

  • Design
    Closed (Pressure-proof)
  • Color / Material panel
    night blue, White
  • Appliance type
    instant.electric.water heater
  • Heating type
    Bare wire heater
  • Material heating element
    Stainless steel
  • Suitable material water outlet pipes
    Copper, Plasic pipes acc. DVGW, VPE pipes
  • Suitable material water inlet pipes
    Copper, Plastic pipes acc. DVGW, VPE pipes
  • Installation type
    Above washbasin, Clickfix-plus installation type
  • Installed filter
  • Flow control
    Mechanical flow limitation
  • Control type of heat output
  • clickfixplus
  • LC display

  • Shock / moisture protection
  • Safety device
    Safety pressure limiter, Safety temperature limitation
  • Temperature limitation as child safety

  • Electrical connection (Type of connection)
  • Cable entry into appliance
    Above, Below, From rear
  • Recommended cable cross-section (mm2)
  • Nominal power (kW)
    15/18 kW
  • Plug type
    fixed connection

  • Connection, thread, water outlet pipes (inches)
  • Connection, thread, water inlet pipes (inches)
  • Maximum flow rate (l/min)
  • ON flow rate (l/min)
  • ON flow pressure with flow restrictor
    0.09 bar
  • ON flow pressure without flow restrictor
    0.25 bar
  • Maximum permitted conductivity of water (mS/m)
  • Nominal pressure (water) (bar)
    10 bar
  • Minimum permitted electrical resistance of water (Ohm/cm)
  • Water connection
    flexible, Flush connection
  • Minimum to maximum inlet temperature (C°)
    4-60 °C
  • Energy efficiency
  • 2in1 power switch
  • solarcapable

  • Energy-saving position
  • Descaling method
    No descaling required
  • Noise class
  • Power on/off indicator
    LCD display
  • Total number of power settings (manual/automat.)
  • Variable temperature setting from/to (°C)
    30 - 60 °C
  • ecoprogram
  • wellnessprogram


Solar energy system

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters are perfect for heating up water from solar energy systems — up to 60°C, to the degree. This means that users of solar energy systems are independent from sun, wind and weather.

Efficient energy saving

Compared to hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater electronically controlled instantaneous water heater need 30 % less energy and water.

Back-lit LCD

Optimum display of settings and information.

Shock/moisture protection to IP 25.

Water jet protection ensures easy installation, even in commercial applications.

CLICKFIX plus® — assembly has never been so quick

It really couldn't be quicker or easier: with the unique CLICKFIX plus® installation technology, our instantaneous water heaters are installed quickly, easily and accurately in three short steps. This not only makes new installations easy, but also simplifies the replacement of older devices.

"2-in-1" power switch

All devices bearing the "2-in-1" symbol provide a choice between two different performance levels during installation. Exclusive installers will enjoy a host of benefits as a result of this safe, easy-touse power switch: in the future, it will be possible to cover all market demand with a maximum of two appliance versions. As a result, it will no longer be necessary to support four performance versions, which will save storage and handling costs. The required power mode can be easily selected; the adjustment is made using the sliding switch on the controller.

Operating instructions


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