Instantaneous electronically controlled water heaterCompact instantaneous hydraulically controlled

Compact instantaneous electronically controlled water heater

  • Power rating: 6.0kW
  • With 2in1 system: For connection to all standard pressure-proof taps or low-pressure taps
  • Safety cut-off with air bubble detection system, the water temperature will climbing up after 30seconds automatically
HKD 2,190.00Recommended retail price

    "2in1" - Pressurized and unpressurized in one

    For connection to all standard pressurized or unpressurised taps.


    -20% energy

    Electronic control saves water and energy.

  • ICON_IP24D

    Shock/moisture protection to IP 24D.

    Spray water protection guarantees easy

    installation, even in the bathroom.


    slimLine Design

    Blends in perfectly with any surroundings.

Basic informationDE06111M

  • Nominal power (kW)
    6,0 kW
  • Current (A)
    32 A
  • Warm water output with 12°C inlet temperature: 38°C
  • Minimum to maximum inlet temperature (C°)
    4-20 °C
  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    185 x 140 x 88 mm

More technical information


    more details

      more details

      • Compact instantaneous hydraulically controlled
      • With spray regulator to optimize the water spray


      • Low switch-on flow rate of 1.8 l/min
      • Hot water rating (38 °C) 3.2 l/min
      • Maximum initial temperature up to 20 °C
      • Low switch on pressure of 0.25 bar
      • Fixed connection, rating: 6,0 kW
      • Electrical connection 230 V/ 50 Hz / Fuse 32 A
      • Splash-proof standard IP24D
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.5 x 14 x 8.8 cm
      • Fixing materialMounting template, Mounting support, Wall plugs, Screws
      • Special accessories: BZ11113

      Water pipe connection thread ["]: 21,3 / G1/2A

      • EU energy label A
      • Hot water rating: (->60 °C) NO_FEATURE ; (->38°C) 3.2 l/min
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.5 x 14 x 8.8 cm
      • Heat setting(s) : NO_FEATURE- NO_FEATURE
      • Splash-proof standard IP24D
      • Low switch-on flow rate of 1.8 l/min
      • Minimum working pressure: 0.25 bar

      Technical information

      • Brand
      • Product name / Commercial code
      • EAN code

      • Design
        Closed (Pressure-proof), Open (Unpressurised)
      • Color / Material panel
        night blue
      • Appliance type
        instant.electric.water heater
      • Heating type
        Bare wire heater
      • Material heating element
        Stainless steel
      • Suitable material water outlet pipes
        Copper, Plasic pipes acc. DVGW, Steel, VPE pipes
      • Suitable material water inlet pipes
        Copper, Plastic pipes acc. DVGW, Steel, VPE pipes
      • Installation type
        Above washbasin
      • Installed filter
      • Flow control
        Mechanical flow limitation
      • Control type of heat output
      • clickfixplus
      • LC display

      • Shock / moisture protection
      • aquaStop
      • Safety device
        Safety temperature limitation
      • Temperature limitation as child safety

      • Electrical connection (Type of connection)
      • Cable entry into appliance
        From rear, Side
      • Recommended cable cross-section (mm2)
      • Nominal power (kW)
        6,0 kW
      • Plug type
        fixed connection

      • Connection, thread, water outlet pipes (inches)
      • Connection, thread, water inlet pipes (inches)
      • ON flow rate (l/min)
      • ON flow pressure with flow restrictor
        0.25 bar
      • ON flow pressure without flow restrictor
        0.25 bar
      • Maximum permitted conductivity of water (mS/m)
      • Nominal pressure (water) (bar)
        10 bar
      • Minimum permitted electrical resistance of water (Ohm/cm)
      • Water connection
        Surface connection
      • Minimum to maximum inlet temperature (C°)
        4-20 °C
      • Energy efficiency
      • 2in1 power switch
      • solarcapable

      • Energy-saving position
      • Descaling method
        No descaling required
      • Noise class
      • Power on/off indicator
      • Total number of power settings (manual/automat.)
      • ecoprogram
      • wellnessprogram


      "2in1" - Pressurized and unpressurized in one

      In contrast to conventional small instantaneous water heaters, the new electronic models featuring the "2-in-1" system can be combined with either a standard pressure tap or a low-pressure tap. They are the first tailor-made electronic small instantaneous water heaters of their kind.

      Efficient energy saving

      Compared to hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater electronically controlled instantaneous water heater need 20 % less energy and water.

      Shock/moisture protection to IP 24D.

      Spray water protection guarantees easy

      installation, even in the bathroom.

      slimLine Design

      The electronic instantaneous water heaters are flat and narrow, making them suitable for installation just about anywhere, and their clean, pure design is particularly pleasing to the eye.

      Easy to install

      Fixing made easy through assembly support and mounting brackets that allow an easy attachment to the wall. Easy connection through colour coded standard brass water connections. A cable storage compartment is also integrated into the back panel. Suitable for connection to all standard pressurized taps or low-pressure taps.

      Electronic air bubble detection

      If any air gets inside the appliance, the electronic air bubble detection safety system switches the appliance off and protects the bare wire heating from damage. If no more air or air bubbles are detected, the water is heated up again after a little while.

      Operating instructions


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      Operating/installations instructions

      Product sheet

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