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Fully-automatic coffee machines

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Cleaning and hygiene

Convenient and efficient.

The cleaning functions of Siemens fully automatic coffee makers keep things hygienically clean. They reliably remove daily deposits like milk, coffee residue and limescale.

Fresh brewing water, every time: singlePortion Cleaning.


The singlePortion Cleaning feature conveniently and hygienically cleans all tubes and pipes in the appliance after every brew, so your coffee is always made with fresh, clean water.

Clean and pure: creamCleaner.


The handy creamCleaner milk cleanup system makes it even easier to clean the milk system. It provides optimum hygiene at the press of a button for top convenience.

For longer-lasting coffee indulgence: with calc'nClean.


The calc'nClean service programme cleans and descales in one go. It doesn't just make cleaning child's play – it also ensures maximum product life, for longer enjoyment.