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Cooker hoods

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Usage Tips

1. Make Good Use of Your Hood

Apart from extracting the disgusting fumes, hoods can also level the steam, high temperature and odours generated during cooking time. Please get your hood ready before cooking under any circumstances, even no fumes produced. Prevent fumes from spreading before the hood is ready. Moreover, this leads to a pleasant ambience in your kitchen and to avoid steam accumulated and condensed inside the hood; extends the lifespan of the hood in all.

2. Run-on Even Finished Cooking

Unpleasant odours and fume would stay in your cooking area if you stop the hood right after cooking, Try to run the hood for additional 10 minutes, this helps removing any lingering odours in the kitchen after cooking. Your kitchen can stay fresh anytime and make you pay less effort and time for cleaning your entire kitchen. If your hood has embedded with the run on programme, please activate with the instructions given at the user manual.

3. Keep Ventilating

Maintain adequate ventilation in the kitchen once the hood is switched on. If the current is low, the fume may not be completely extracted. Hence, not to operate any other ventilation devices at the same time to prevent the venting performance from dropping.

Clean and Care Tips

1. Regular Cleaning of Metal Filters

Spotless filters can maximize the efficiency of the hood, therefore regular cleaning of metal filters is the easiest yet important way to ensure your hood is a top performance and energy efficient. Generally, cleaning the metal filters every one to three months or once the indicator illuminates is recommended. Please follow the instructions in your user manual to clean the filters. Some anti-rust filters can be washed in dishwasher while discolor may occurs during high temperature cleansing. If you wish to have new metal filters with your appliance, you are welcome to contact our Parts and Accessories Team.

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