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Tips and tricks when ironing

One thing is for sure: With irons from Siemens, you are perfectly equipped for effective yet gentle ironing. The following tips and tricks show you how to make the most of this advantage:

Avoid water marks

Silk fabrics and materials in dark colours can be prone to water marks if sprayed with water before ironing. Preferably use an extremePower edition iron with XTRM deep steam.

The ironing board cover

The ironing board cover is extremely important. It cushions the metal lattice of the ironing board, allowing you to easily iron button plackets on the wrong side, for example. However, the padding must be elastic and breathable: after all, good penetration of the fabric with steam is crucial for a perfect ironing result. You should replace the cover after two years at the latest. Many ironing board covers are also washable. They then release a pleasant, fresh scent during ironing.

Maintenance and care of your appliances